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The Moths of Essex
by Brian Goodey

· Includes all species, with distribution maps: 2km squares for
macrolepidoptera, 5km squares for microlepidoptera

· Flight-time graphs for all species where sufficient data is available
· Monochrome photographs by Ian Rose and others of most resident
macro-moths, taken in Essex of living moths in natural resting

· Status, Habitats and Foodplant information for every species from Essex
data (not just a repeat of what is in the national books)

· Special chapters include Recent Population Trends (Dr Chris Gibson) &
Fisher’s Estuarine Moth – an Essex speciality (Zoe Ringwood), and
Monitoring at Writtle College - Rothamsted data by Tim Gardiner and Robin Field

· Approx. 362 pages of text, maps, charts and monochrome photographs
· Cover from a specially commissioned painting by Alan Harris
· Number 5 in the Nature of Essex series: uniform with The Bumblebees of
and The Butterflies of Essex

£19.75 (plus p&p) - order from Lopinga Books

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